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Getting the email subscriber list increased is the most basic thing every blog or website attempts to do.

Email marketing hasn’t lost its importance when it comes to internet marketing and thus, it’s crucial for the success.

To help you out in creating a system and then increase the number of emails subscribers, I’m writing this guide, which will focus on compiling the best WordPress email subscription plugins.

One way or another, you’re going to need this system implemented on your blog. So, why not start it now?

The list below consists of both free and premium tools. Let’s have a look at our best options one by one.


Let’s start with the industry standard plugin, developed by ElegantThemes. It’s one of the best when it comes to customization as it packs tons of skins and design elements to add and change the overall look. It has tons of options to pick and change the functionality too. It can work with any email subscription tool, both popular and fresh ones, and packs its own set of functionalities related to this specific niche.

Plugin highlights:

  • It comes with highly unique forms which can increase the user’s interaction with pages and posts.
  • The design part is elegant and interactive, and over 100 amazing templates are packed in the package.
  • It supports six different display types, with their own sets of functionalities and animations.
  • It even allows customisations for borders and edges.

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#2 WP Subscriber Pro

WP Subscriber Pro is an excellent choice for anyone just starting out in the quest to grow their mailing list. You get most the features you will need such as putting a subscription form in the sidebar, below post page and popups with existing rule.
If you know a bit of HMTL you can also use the HTML editor that comes with this plugin to show something completely different like facebook like box, social sharing and more.

Plugin highlights:

  • Super easy to us and setup unlike some of the other option mentioned on this page.
  • Unlimited color variation to custom your opt-in form to be more in keeping with the look and feel of your site.
  • Live popups preview to make editing your opt-in message that bit easier.
  • Supports more the popular email providers such as MailChimp, Feedburner and Aweber.

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#3 OptinMonster

In case, none of the above ones looked interested to you, then check what OptinMonster has to offer. It packs certain unique features and design elements which are still untouched by its competitors, and it comes with every functionality, built right within the package. It has been used by known authority sites and online magazines, bringing a confirmation of how powerful, effective and reliable it is. The best part is that it can be used to create complete gorgeous landing pages, not just the opt-in forms.

Plugin highlights:

  • It comes with Exit-Intent technology, which checks the user behaviour and prompts the email opt-in form at the right time.
  • It packs built-in A/B Split testing tool, allowing you to test different formats and settings quickly, and see which one works better.
  • It packs built-in analytics to help you know the results via numbers, rather than relying on predictions.
  • It can be integrated with 19 popular and even more email subscription functionality providers.

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#4 Newsletter

It’s another popular and one of the best free WordPress email subscribers plugin. The real goodie here is that most of its features and functionalities are available for free. It does packs premium version, for both individual and agency, adding premium extensions to the table. It supports unlimited emails with tracking and subscribers which are a rare feature. It is also ready to work with SMTP.

Plugin highlights:

  • It supports both HTML and text versions of emails and can work automatically to send the updates to subscribers.
  • It is perfectly integrated with WordPress user registration system.
  • It even supports active translation, and the emails are translatable, thanks to the available .po and .mo files.
  • It can be implemented via either widget or contact form or even via a dedicated page.

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#5 SumoMe

If you’re looking for a free service, then start with the SumoMe, which truly deserves your attention, and it has already grabbed over millions of active users. The tool is so powerful that it can modify, by using its extensions, which are, of course, premium. But, the free version packs enough feature to help any website in the beginning phase. It comes with built-in integration with other email subscriber tools. The best part about SumoMe is its built-in applications and extensions which make it a totally worthy.

Plugin highlights:

  • It packs Heat Maps feature which can help you track the website visitors and know whether they are clicking and interacting or not.
  • It comes with built-in social sharing tool, keeping your WordPress site away from needing any other plugin to achieve this functionality.
  • It comes with built-in analytics for letting you know which particular post or page is working the best.
  • It even packs a customizable Contact Form, to help you quickly setup the contact page.

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#6 Leadpages

If your plan is to create a landing page and then grab the subscribers, then Leadpages has gained a big name in the specific need. It is one of the best landing page builders and emails newsletter solution. It comes with drag & drop visual and functional elements, making it super easy to create gorgeous and super functional webpages. Bottom line, it deserves the number one position among landing page builders and it has even gained it.

Plugin highlights:

  • It comes with lead capture pop-ups which are even compatible to work on mobile devices, thanks to the responsive layout.
  • It comes with 1-click signup links feature, making sure there isn’t a lot of procedure involved for the user.
  • Conversion is kept at the heart of everything and it packs gorgeous templates.
  • It packs built-in analytics and A/B testing tools.

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#7 Hello Bar

Now, Hello Bar is a wonderful solution if you wish to grab user’s attention by a simple navigation bar, placed either on the top or bottom of your website or blog. It is free to use initially but comes with premium features and extensions. The free one packs basic features, which can help you create a list but to make the most of it, you surely have to look at the premium extensions.

Plugin highlights:

  • It is extremely simple to implement and comes with tracking options to help you keep an eye on the performance.
  • The design part is interactive, and few more locations for the pop-ups are supported.
  • It is ready for WordPress and other types of websites and blogs.

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These were all from my side, but these are not the only one out there. If you research on your own, you may find dozens of other plugins, meant to do the same thing. But, the one I’ve mentioned above are totally worthy and have been recommended by thousands of users, at least. So, regardless of your pick from options mentioned above, you’re getting one of the best plugins. Good luck!


  1. Great post. Very useful collection of what I would consider being excellent wordpress email plugins. I use bloom on my blog I just love the simplicity.
    Thank you and best of luck.

  2. Hi Jewell,

    Thank you for your vote of confidence I am happy you found value in this collection. I love Bloom too, a really easy to use plugin.