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Starting a new website is a lot of work, and in the era where everything is about branding, you’re finding it hard to survive. A business website or a blog offering a bunch of services can be helped by adding testimonial section, where existing users get to describe their experience.

If you’re offering a high-standard or at least good standard service, then they will be happy to share what they just experienced. These testimonials or praising words will help you get new clients.

The reason why this thing helps, is that, those praising words act as a live review of your services. These reviews can literally help to convince the new customer since they just read those words. Also, keep the testimonials short and well-targeted. There is no shame to hire a copywriter doing that thing for you, in case the original testimonials aren’t sounding that good.

Whats the Best Testimonial Plugins for WordPress?

Luckily, you opted WordPress to create the website or blog and so, you can easily add a testimonial section using a dedicated plugin. To help you find the best-working one, I’m sharing a compilation of seven best testimonial plugins for WordPress, down here.


As the name clears its functionality, it adds a simple widget that can be added on any widgetized area, and thus, you can showcase the testimonials offered by your existing clients. It can literally increase the social proof of your blog or website, and make a worthy impact. The plugin is available without any price tag and has been used by over 60k users.

Apart from offering a simple widget, it covers a bunch of customization which can make the element look great. Features like different transitions effect (carousel, slide, and fade), random display, Shortcode compatibility, slide text with different effects, slide images with responsive layout, slide videos, etc.


It’s a premium option priced $16, which can be bought from the CodeCanyon, one of the super popular premium plugin directories for WordPress. The plugin is being used by thousands of users and has very impressive reviews and ratings. The features offered are Grid or Slider layouts, 15 layout customization options, rich snippets compatible, front-end submission facility, translation ready, and link case studies.

Every testimonial can be indexed in Google, thanks to the existence of Rich Snippets compatibility. The complete layout is responsive which makes it perfectly work on any smartphone or tablet, or any other mobile device. There is a little theme engine available too, using which you can quickly choose between and choose the design in which testimonials will be visible to the end user.


This plugin is available for free since years and has been continuously updated to make sure it stays up with the race. Features offered are functionality to add a testimonial to the sidebar, or page or even in a widget. It allows adding of image or star rating system in any testimonial. Schema.org markup compatibility is also available inside which makes the testimonials SEO proof.

Different design themes available inside are all responsive and they can help you quickly change the overall look. A proper link management facility is also available which help you quickly link to any product or special page, you wish to promote through the section. I guess you’re already impressed, considering the number of features offered without charging anything.


Another free plugin which clearly indicates offering basic features that can make or break any testimonials. It offers every basic functionality to showcase this much-required element on your website and make it social proof. You can add star rating systems, use sliders, showcase excerpts, and set the testimonials to get displayed in either widget areas or on a page or post.

A dedicated option to quickly backup and restore testimonials is also present which makes things work like they should. Customization options for background colors are present and the inclusion of Gravatar is also taken care of.


Fully responsive layout, group testimonials by category, smart Shortcode generator, widget ready, several style options, four layout options to set among thumbnails, carousel, grid, or list. These are the features offered by this particular plugin which is priced $18 and is available at the CodeCanyon official store. The plugin is HTML5 and WPML compatible, which makes it totally modern and future-proof.

A smart thumbnail slider is offered which literally looks awesome. The whole idea of creating this plugin is not just offering features, but also offer them wrapped in an elegant looking design layout. You’re also allowed to set tweak few customization options and make things look unique.


This free option offers a unique facility which is good enough to make you install the plugin. It allows you to create your own template using a simple drag and drop facility available inside. This template you created will then be used to showcase the testimonials being shared online. You can divide and categorised testimonials into groups and can easily remove duplicate entries. An option to add images is also available.


This is the last option from my side which covers dozens of useful features, but slightly slow in performance. Still, if you’re looking to get dozens of features to make the testimonials look way better than other and impressive enough, then you should give it a try. There is no pricing mentioned by the seller and the plugin’s package is available at the official WordPress store.

Wrap up

So go ahead, select any of these testimonial WordPress plugins, and add them onto your blog/website. Don’t forget to add at least 4-5 testimonials of your existing clients. You can email or call them to ask and share their experience. If you did your job at best, then they will be happy to share some praising words. Peace.


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