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We have already published some related material earlier regarding some great WordPress themes! However, ever changing technological developments force us to post this article to comprehend the subject for you. Also, we receive some queries for best WordPress solutions as well. To satisfy the knowledge hunger of all needy users, we are posting this updated article. WordPress is a hot tool that rules the writing world these days; it’s used for almost all writing purposes. Even top designers trying their ideas on it over and over again for the reason that it offers a full-screen layout display with lots of technically supportive features as well. To let you introduce to the Best Free WordPress Themes For Writers here is our first theme.

Which is the Best Free WordPress Themes For Writers?



It’s the best produced WordPress theme, for to serve the sole purpose of content writing. It offers you an enticing Home Page, with offering lots of content related great features. It will offer your article a full-width layout and alluring display, with harmonizing typeface by default. It’s completely responsive theme, effortlessly coded, to set up and well piloted, and without any detail downside as well. No doubt, the errorless content entice the audience much, we can say that KYAN is the best WordPress theme for to work on.

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It’s the 2nd from our list, it’s an article specific WordPress theme, it offers a superb package of sophistication and simplicity. It also offers a full with the display to its users, along with it’s effortless to set-up and embarks on. It’s Home Page offers a great typeface and detail alternatives as well. As soon you will get on a post page you’re open to submerge yourself in the text free from any interruption.

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It’s yet another superb theme; it gets the attention of its users ever since its introduction back in 2014. The huge downloading record of the theme, tells the story of its success itself. It focused on small businesses, bloggers and for writers alike. Despite its slight downside of not offering a full-width display, it never loses the attraction of its users even. It offers a smart title space that permits the users to check all the details at a glance even.

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It’s another top theme from our list of themes For Writers; it’s resembled to default 2015 WordPress, a well-liked and widely recognized theme indeed. The key feature of this fine WordPress theme is the super combination of typeface along with the color scheme. It’s an entirely receptive theme you like to work on. It also offered a featured part on its homepage, which helps promote your famous content, it’s a well coded and fast to load theme that offers a finest reading delight to readers.

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So Simple

Here is So Simple, it’s a fundamental WordPress theme and alike the ghost platform. It supports a trouble free content writing experience to its users. It comes with the support of translation of the content, which enables you an easy blogging experience in other languages apart from The English language as well. It were a great creation and meant for those who always look for a diverse option.

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Parallax One

This amazing free WordPress theme uses Bootstrap 3.0 as its front-end framework and is also one of the most feature some at no price. It proposes to the reader a clear and concise look at your website’s different sections. Remarkably, this theme is built in such a way so as to showcase and highlight your core content to the reader’s eye, and it will not stress their lookup since it’s fully Retina-Ready. You get a good parallax effect which is trendy these days; hence the themes name showcase this quality supremely. Along with a prepossessing modern outlook, you enjoy such great functionalities in Parallax One like great responsiveness, custom logos, Google Maps integration, social icons, different color schemes, and an easier admin panel to build menus as you like. I think at no price; such functionalities should be appreciated in this theme.

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Gadgetry Theme

If you are beginning a beautiful tech blog, then you no longer need to worry about buying expensive themes because another free alternative is just as effective the paid ones. Yes, I am speaking about the great Gadgetry free WP theme which if full of technical flare. Gadgetry can remarkably turn your website into a technology & gadget blog on which you can showcase your full technical exposure. The theme is a clear and modern interface while being fully Retina-Ready and responsive as well. Plus, you can choose your preferred colors from its multitude of theme colors in order to make your site visually appealing. The theme also has unlimited sidebars, and HTML5 animation slider, SEO-Ready, and different built-in page layouts. I think for a start techie-fan, Gadgetry should be the best free theme choice as compared to most others available in the same niche.

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