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Sharing a timeline or a trending topic on Twitter is getting one simple way to make your website more social proof. Gaining real and interactive followers is the real game on social platforms.

And, to gain more quality followers, you need to have a mention of the social profile. Now, to help you create that particular module, we need Twitter widgets.

So, here I’m sharing a compilation of best Twitter widget for WordPress. A widget can be added either via a theme or a plugin.

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In our case, we’re looking at the plugin options, as your website is already established with a particular theme. Let’s have a look at the options we have.

#1 Twitter

Twitter WordPress Plugins

Starting with the official plugin is the best pick for everyone, and this particular plugin can not only work with Twitter but also with Vine and Periscope. With this plugin, you can quickly embed content from these three platforms, and things will always work out, as we’re talking about the official plugin here. It comes with a built-in widget which is featured with multiple configurations. There are also the light and dark theme options to pick and change the overall visuals. The plugin also uses the Shortcode concept, allowing the embedding anywhere on a post.

Plugin highlights:

  • It packs additional support for Vine and Periscope platforms, thus, can help in bringing down the number of active plugins.
  • A working click to Tweet button can be added to the published posts.
  • Twitter Cards with link previews and bylines can be enabled with a single click.
  • It is regularly updated to stay integrated with the latest WordPress script version.

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#2 Simple Twitter Tweets

Simple Twitter Tweets WordPress Plugin

If you’re looking for a simple and straight plugin which sticks to the basics and just Twitter platform, then here is a worthy option to have a look at. It is available without any price tag, and the developer is also offering support via dedicated forum. The plugin is ready with the Twitter’s API v1.1, adding OAuth compatibility. The setup process is also simple, and the instructions are properly mentioned within the plugin itself, making things straight for a beginner.

Plugin highlights:

  • It doesn’t require to log in with a password, as it can work with the globally working API.
  • The tweets it mentions are stored separate from the database, ensuring their availability even if API fails to work for some reasons.
  • The timeframe for every tweet is correctly mentioned, keeping the visitors well informed.
  • It allows using color icons within the widget, adding some customization options.

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#3 Recent Tweets Widget

Recent Tweets Widget

Fetching the recent tweets from a particular profile is what you’re aiming for, then here is an extremely simple plugin that can make it happen. It works with the API v1.1 which even supports cache mechanisms. The plugin is capable of storing data into the database, limiting the dependency on the Twitter’s server. There are no other features offered, to keep things simple and lightweight. It’s a free product available at official WordPress plugin repository.

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#4 WP twitter feeds

WP twitter feeds WordPress Plugin

Among the bloggers, this particular plugin is very popular. It has over 20k active installs and is compatible to work with the latest WordPress script version. Coming at the features, it is compatible with the API v1.1 and supports Open Authentication keys and secrets. It doesn’t add a lot of functionalities to the table, keeping things limited, straight to the prime topic, and lightweight. The product adds a widget which can be used quickly, and it is available in English and French languages. There is no pricing involved, but you can always donate to help the developers for their efforts.

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#5 Minimalist Twitter Widget

Minimalist Twitter Widget

As you can judge from the name itself, it uses a minimalist approach to keep the server load to the minimum and to ensure the functionality of the module on smartphones and tablets. It uses smart caching techniques to retrieve recent tweets and can load them either from a profile or even from a hashtag. It is updated to work with the API v1.1, and the widget can work with almost every WordPress theme.

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#6 Twitter Tweets

Twitter WordPress Plugin

If you’re looking for precise configuration and customization options, then give this one a try. It’s available for free and comes with features like follow button, submit live tweet from the website itself, and there is even a theme option to customize the visual part of the widget which it adds. The plugin packs a feature allowing the pictures to expand when required, and it allows showing or hiding the reply option. The installation is simple and just like any other plugin and using the widget is straight as an arrow.

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#7 Twitter Widget with Tweet Reach

Twitter Widget with Tweet Reach Plugin

My next recommendation is a plugin with some extra features. It can let you control the activity and feed which shows on the website and thus, you can showcase only the desired content. It can showcase a profile, or fetch tweets from a hashtag or even from a keyword. The prime attraction here is that it comes with a built-in reach and trends feature, which can let you know the analytic part of the tweets made in past. The analytic tool can be used further once you have a free account, which is another benefit to the table.

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#8 Rotating Tweets

It’s my final recommendation which comes with tons of options to pick and customize the widget further. It packs all the basics which were offered by aforementioned plugins and is available without any cost. The product is compatible to work with multilingual and is even compatible with W3 Total Cache plugin. Most importantly, it replaces the links with the original ones.

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These were the best Twitter WordPress widgets and I hope you found, at least, one matching the exact requirements. If you have confusion in picking an exact one out of these, then let me know the specific requirements in the discussion section below, and we will sort it out together. Peace!