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Sharing a video content is one popular way to gain regular readers. The science behind this logic is that human beings find video content more interesting than the text ones.

Now, every WordPress website supports video content, by default. But, it lacks tons of additional functionalities which can further boost the performance and other aspects.

To help you be aware of those functionalities and load them up on your website, I’m sharing this compilation of best WordPress video plugins.

You need to create a list of requirements first. And then begin the matchmaking process with the options I’m recommending below.

Let’s start with the options now.

#1 YouTube

YouTube WordPress Plugin

The first recommendation here is a free product which brings tons of functionalities to the table, supporting the video embedding from YouTube platform. It adds a responsive feature on top of everything, making sure the videos are properly functional on smartphones and tablets. The plugin can take care of the thumbnails, analytics, and even SEO parts. It has got over thousands of active installs and an average rating of 4.5 out of total 5, confirming you’re getting a professional product. Other than the free version, there is also a pro one, which can add multiple premium features to improve the experience further.

Plugin highlights:

  • It can let you share a complete playlist of channel videos, and the whole module is responsive to work properly on mobile devices.
  • You’re allowed to set automatic playing on the continuation, which works with both playlists and gallery embeds.
  • The plugin offers certain special configurations that can be tweaked to set the playback on iOS devices.
  • The plugin supports HTTPS mode, and can convert between the two on its own.

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#2 Video Gallery WordPress Plugin /w YouTube, Vimeo

Video Gallery WordPress Plugin

Trusting a free product isn’t that easy. If this is why you’re looking for a premium alternative to the first recommendation, then check out my second option. The product is available on CodeCanyon, adding a guarantee that you’re getting a professional and premium product. It’s a hub of features and functionalities which are related to a video and its embedding part. The plugin offers extensive admin panel, which can help the webmaster to bring quick visual and functional changes. It also packs five different skins and a skin generator to bring a custom level of visuals to the table. Moreover, the layout is responsive and is compatible with iPhone and iPad.

Plugin highlights:

  • It supports live streaming and makes it compatible with all major web browsers, thanks to the built-in DASH MPEG support.
  • The plugin is connected to the YouTube API, allowing almost every feature and functionality which is possible. The same case is with Vimeo.
  • It packs a Shortcode generator inside, allowing the editor to create a code quickly and make the video workable on a post or page or anywhere else.
  • It comes with a built-in backup feature, taking the data from the database and keeping everything safe and sound.

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#3 Youtube Channel Gallery

Youtube Channel Gallery Plugin

Compared to the above two mentions, this particular plugin is available without any cost. Still, it manages to pack a good number of features and functionalities. As you can judge from the name itself, it allows putting a channel playlist and details on the website, but there are dozens of other customisations available to make it look totally custom. It’s integrated with the YouTube API, making sure the latest HTML5 player is working, instead of the heavy flash player. It also packs a built-in widget that can let you add the channel detail and playlist on the sidebar.

Plugin highlights:

  • The plugin supports caching technology, allowing the webmaster to activate cache and set cache time.
  • The layout offered here is responsive, ensuring the videos are played perfectly on smartphones and tablets. It also supports multiple aspect ratios.
  • It can quickly showcase related videos and other details from the platform like YouTube logo.
  • Other than a normal playlist, it can allow putting feed type data from a user profile, or favorite or likes or custom playlists.

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#4 reEmbed

reEmbed Custom YouTube Video Player

Adding a custom looking video player which still works with YouTube is everyone’s dream. If that’s exactly what you’re looking for, then check out what reEmbed has to offer. It works with DailyMotion, Vimeo, and YouTube and implements an HTML5 video player into the website. The plugin allows putting your logo on the video, and change the overall look of the player, to get a complete custom solution. You can begin using it for free but can also opt for the paid versions.

Plugin highlights:

  • The whole module is responsive to ensure proper support for mobile and tablet devices.
  • It can give instant notifications about broken video links to the webmaster.
  • A built-in analytics tool is available to help you check the performance of the videos and track impressions.

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WordPress Video Gallery Plugin

It’s my final recommendation which is a free product but comes with tons of functionalities to play with. Other than the popular video platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, Daily Motion, etc., it can also support Amazon S3 live streaming and another live telecast. It allows users to log in and thus, offering them proper watch history. Moreover, it supports monetization using Google AdSense, IMA ads, by mechanisms like postroll, midroll, and preroll.

Plugin highlights:

  • At the backend, a simple drag & drop tool is available which takes care of the video addition and categorize part.
  • It offers a tool to remove the complete skin from the video player (of the source platform) and thus, achieve a custom look.
  • SEO norms are followed properly, and the plugin also supports RTL feature to stay available for translation.

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Now you have access to the best video plugins for WordPress, and I hope you’ve already made a final selection. If you’re still confused at which exact one to pick, then let me help you further by sharing the requirements in the discussion section below. It will help me hand-pick a perfect one out of the lot. Peace!