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There is always a choice, and we all believe sticking to our favourite one. You can use this basic human need to interact with your visitors in a better way.

Yes, just by putting up a poll online. Natively, the WordPress doesn’t offer any such functionality but thanks to the concept of the plugins, it can be implemented easily.

All you need to do is to look for the best WordPress voting plugins, which I’m also sharing below, and once you have got a particular one, then it will add this functionality to the core.

As John Ensign once said, “I believe that voting is the first act of building a community as well as building a country.”

So, it is time for you to give your visitors some options to pick and choices to make. Let’s start with the plugin list.

#1 Responsive Poll

Responsive Poll WordPress Plugin

Let’s start the compilation with one of the most interactive plugins out there. It packs seven different animated chart types which can showcase the results in an interactive way and can also handle the voting part. It can track a user with its ID, or IP, or even using the cookies stored in the browser. The template is responsive to ensure proper compatibility of the visual and functional elements on smartphones and tablets. Other than the usuals which are all set to use instantly after the installation, the plugin also offers a bunch of customizations.

Plugin highlights:

  • The Admin area is powerful and capable of showcasing the performance and results of all the polls being conducted at a time.
  • The product is built using Bootstrap 3 framework, offering security to the base and keeping things on the lighter side.
  • Admin can set different options when it comes to showcasing the results, once the visitor has participated in the polling.
  • It’s a premium product which comes with dedicated six months of support.

Full Details & Download | Demo

#2 WP-Polls

WP Polls WordPress Plugin

It’s a free alternative to the first recommendation. It can help you implement a polling module, but it lacks the premium graphic rich features. The module is powered by AJAX, ensuring the module is loaded without reloading the complete webpage. The plugin can be implemented on the posts and even on pages.

Plugin highlights:

  • It is free to use product which is simple to start with, and you don’t require any user guide.
  • The source code is available on Github for anyone to see what it’s made up of and improve if interested.
  • The plugin supports active translation, ensuring it is ready for global audiences.

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#3 TotalPoll Pro

TotalPoll Pro WordPress Poll Plugin

Now, if you are not looking for any sort of limitations, rather want to implement everything into the website, then check out TotalPoll Pro plugin. It’s a premium product available at CodeCanyon platform and has received approx 2k+ downloads. It is regularly updated to ensure proper functionality, bug fixes, and performance improvements and is always ready to work with the latest WordPress script version. It supports Shortcodes and even let you put graphic details like an image or video into the poll. It can let you run a dilemma sort of poll or even run a contest with a scorecard at the end. It even allows you to put a voting limitation and is supported by six months of support from the developer.

Plugin highlights:

  • The design part is developed while keeping the mobile friendly in focus, ensuring the proper compatibility and functionality.
  • Everything is SEO friendly and it supports modern features like Schema markup, helping the website to get better ranking on SERPs.
  • It comes with tons of customization options and even allows you to play with custom fields.
  • It keeps a track of logs and statistics which helps the webmaster to drive a better decision.

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#4 YOP PollYOP Poll WordPress Plugin

It’s a free product holding underneath tons of features which are easy to pick and implement a poll. The plugin is available with some sort of support from the developer itself and has managed to receive over 20k active installs. So, if you’re making this choice, then you’re going with a popular one. It even allows you to schedule a poll which is activated once the timing is perfect. Normal features like creating, editing and deleting a poll are all available inside.

Plugin highlights:

  • It allows you to put unlimited polls with options like view all polls, poll answers, display polls, poll results, etc.
  • It packs custom fields which can be implemented to either a new or existing poll.
  • It keeps a track of logs properly and can even allow you to put a ban on specific users.

Full Details & Download

#5 Poll, Survey, Quiz & List by OpinionStage

Poll Survey Form by OpinionStage

In case if you’re still looking for a particular plugin which comes with everything then check out what this particular one has to offer. It’s a product from OpinionStage, a known name in the industry since years. The polls and surveys it can implement are highly interactive, thanks to the super cool UI and elegant design elements. Everything is responsive to ensure proper functionality on the mobile devices. Even with tons of customization and functional options, it is still easy to use and if you find an issue, then a proper support from the developer is also present.

Plugin highlights:

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The very first plugin I’m recommending can be used in two ways. First, to implement the normal polling module, or you can go with the second option, i.e., to implement a polling module which is rich with graphics and animations. It’s a premium product available at CodeCanyon and is also a trending one over the platform. The design part is kept responsive to ensure proper functionality of everything on the mobile devices along with the normal desktop and laptop. It is regularly updated to ensure the compatibility with the modern WordPress script. It can also be used to implement the A/B testing on a webpage and gather the much-needed data.

Plugin highlights:

  • It is extremely easy to use and implement, thanks to the native support for the platform and proper integration.
  • It can quickly let you divide the polling section into categories and everything is featured with AJAX, ensuring live loading.
  • You’re allowed to play with tons of options, and a wide variety of polls can be implemented.

Full Details & Download | Demo (gone)


Finally, these were the best plugins to implement the voting module in a WordPress website, and I hope you did find at least, one of them to move ahead with. Let us know which one you’re going ahead and the exact reason behind that selection. The more we will discuss it, the better choices we all will have to stick to. Agree?