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Making that wedding day extra special is probably a big priority for the couples, who are planning to tie the knot in the near future. Yet, making good preparations for the same isn’t an easy task either. Fortunately, the internet can help ease the burden of couples through Personal Wedding Websites. Until the recent past, a personal wedding website was considered only to be a rare novelty, with most couples either opting for a social networking announcement or the traditional paper card invitation to tell people that they were about to marry in the near future. But, with the host of advantages offered by a personal wedding website easily superseding other methods, the former is now becoming increasingly preferred by many new couples. From some wonderfully designed wedding day countdown timers to RSVP and social media invitation integration options, the convenience offered to a couple by a wedding website just can’t be ignored any more.

To cater this growing need for personal wedding websites, several free and paid WordPress themes are on offer from many developers. But, among the multitude of choices, making a pick that suits the unique personality of a couple is certainly not the simplest of tasks either. So, to make it easy for couples to choose the right WordPress theme for their own wonderful Personal Wedding Website, the (…….) team has compiled a list of the best themes as follows.



Perhaps $44 won’t even buy you a simple wedding cake, but it’s enough to get you one of the best WordPress wedding themes: XOXO. This wonderfully designed WordPress theme can give users so many options that it may even eliminate the need to hire a real wedding planner. This magnificent theme provides couples several options including a wedding planning timeline, RSVP forms, guestbook, gallery and numerous others. It’s visually appealing design, along with several custom options is designed to impress every visitor and guest to your special wedding website.



Wedding Suite

Wedding Suite is perhaps one of the most user-friendly wedding themes out there. With a variety of tools and widgets, this theme allows couples to add custom posts with impressive typography and design elements. A beautiful combination of functionality and simplicity, Wedding Suite can wonderfully suit the preferences of many couples.



Perfect Couple 

Perfect Couple is perhaps one of the most glorious WordPress wedding themes available. It’s simple, yet eye-catching intro page with custom picture is meant to give couples the attention that they really deserve before their wedding. No wonder why it’s one of the most popular wedding themes in the market.



Wedding Industry 

Wedding Industry is perhaps one of the most user-friendly wedding themes out there. With a variety of tools and widgets, this theme allows couples to add custom posts with impressive typography and design elements. A beautiful combination of functionality and simplicity, Wedding Suite can seamlessly fit the requirements of many couples. With several options on widgets, wedding industry is perhaps one of the best themes for couples who love choices.



The Wedding Day 

For couples who want a perfect combination of glamour and simplicity in their wedding blog, The Wedding Day could serve as the perfect theme. With beautifully combined elements and styles, this WordPress theme is perhaps one of the most complete wedding themes available on the web. Some of the most attractive features include RSVP form, Countdown timer and image slider. Anyone using this will certainly justify its $49 price tag.




If you are opting on entertaining a classical style in their wedding website, Marriage could serve as an ideal theme. With a multitude of color and style options, Marriage also provides users the option to customize their websites to make it unique and memorable.




A unique blend of simplicity and modernity, Soul is perhaps one of the best wedding themes in terms of functionality. Soul offers one of the biggest varieties of customization tools for users and allows limitless options to customize their websites. The theme definitely gives a good value for its $44 price tag.



Wedding Engine

WeddingEngine is surely among the most complete WordPress wedding themes, providing users a wide range of options to suit their budget. The theme offers a range of customization tools for users to make the website really personal and special. It is also among the few themes that allow users to post wedding videos aside from pictures. WeddingEngine also has several handy wedding planning widgets to simplify your pre-wedding hassles.



Game Over

Game Over is perhaps one of the easiest wedding themes on offer. Incorporating an easy drag and drop page builder, users can make several custom designs to fit their preferences. With an endless choice of color variations, users can easily make a website that fits their personality. A couple certainly won’t regret paying $39 on this wonderful theme.




This highly responsive WordPress theme has multiple customization options, making it absolutely feasible for use as a wedding website. Further, the design can also be easily be changed to fit a personal blog. With one of the best gallery features and several widgets, it’s definitely among the most dynamic themes on the web.



Wedding Vow

The Wedding Vow WordPress theme is a wonderful mix of contemporary, classic and creative elements that make it delightfully unique in several ways. Users can easily choose their style for their personal wedding website, ranging from retro to modern with this great theme. A range of features like sliders and color palettes make this theme simply irresistible.




If you prefer a modern appearance for your personal wedding website then Gittys should be on top of your priority. Encompassing a simple yet colorful modern outlook, Gittys features several unique features that make it different and desirable for many couples.




Despite being offered as a free WordPress theme, Match provides several features that make it very feasible for making a Personal Wedding Website. The theme is optimized for different devices so that your visitors can easily browse your site even with their mobiles and tables. Through the theme specific posts or news can be easily highlighted by using the ‘sticky post’ option. Users can also customize their background by using an image or color of their choice.




There are several reasons why Wedding is one of the most popular WordPress themes for many wedding related websites. The theme easily allows users to modify color schemes and layout to suit their preferences. One of the best features of this theme is the slider through which visitors and guests can easily observe the changes of the content on the website. It’s highly responsive gallery facilitates a delightful browsing experience for guests and visitors. The theme also allows couples to create custom pages for posting stories and create an RSVP for their guests.



Wedding Style

If you are looking to build a simple and welcoming wedding website for your visitors then Wedding Styles should serve you adequately. Among the free wedding themes, Wedding Style should probably be among the top 3 most beautiful designs. The theme allows users to choose among a variety of design options ranging from background colors to fonts. The theme easily fits into different screens, providing a delightful browsing experience.




A simple, yet a delightfully balanced theme, Wedding is one of the best free WordPress themes in terms of beauty and functionality. The theme offers a variety of functions and multiple widgets through which users can make a highly functional wedding website. Users can also choose among a variety of banners for their wedding website.


Do you like other wedding themes other than the above? Do let you know your preferences by commenting below.