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We provide the WordPress community with a range of free themes developed according to the official WordPress coding standards. All themes are distributed under the GPL license and are free to use on personal or commercial projects without restriction.

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15 Videographer WordPress Themes

Many agencies are getting benefits from their video production services. When it comes to the question of success, you need something special that allows developing trust and credibility. Of course, we are talking about different high-quality videographer WordPress...

Podcast Hosting Platforms

There are still many of us that do not know about podcasts, let alone the best podcast hosting platforms, and there is really no shame in admitting that you were late in catching up to a trend that almost half the world was going crazy about. The Internet was not so...

Best WordPress Podcast Plugins

Over the last decade or so, podcasts have become all the rage, with new podcast channels sprouting up at a dizzyingly fast rate. And the growth in their popularity shows no signs of receding anytime soon. So, if you’ve been thinking of opening your own podcast...

10+ Social Media Themes for different Purposes

Are you planning to create a social media profile? These social media themes can help you to do it fast and with minimal expenses. Keep on reading to find out how! In our digital era, being successful on social media is a challenge, indeed. The main problem is staying...

7+ WordPress Starter Themes/Frameworks for Developers

Decided to transform into a dev but not sure where to begin? It is always a bit scary to start a business. Especially when you are a beginner but let’s leave all your doubts. In this post, I’ll show you 9+ easy-to-handle ways to manage a site. It’s possible without...

Best Restaurant & Food WordPress Themes 2020

The most demanding, but also the most competitive business is a restaurant. To survive in this fight for customers and succeed, you need to attract more visitors through the Internet. The best Restaurant WordPress themes will present your business from the best side....

Best Minimalist WordPress Themes

I am a real fan of minimalism in everything and find minimalist templates bringing multiple benefits to their users. First of all, the minimalist design doesn’t include distracting elements by default. Besides, it allows focusing on the most important thing on the...

15 WooCommerce Themes for Fashion Stores

Can you imagine a modern company with no business website? I bet you can’t. Indeed, today almost everybody has a website, so it goes without saying that a business website is a must-have. Thanks to the modern technologies anybody can easily launch a website just in...

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